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Navatri Compliments


~Navatri Compliments~

 This one is From Aqua


Was in Elizabeth tonight where HT & GP had come.

> Both looked absolutely great! Seriously, duniyaki subse hasin jodi.
> Gauri is simply simply simply simply beautiful. More beautiful in
> person, then watching her on screen, extremly fair, tall and slim.
> (Swapana please do justice to G's fans and G herself. She has to
> as beautiful on screen as she is in real life!)
> HT is also handsome, looked like PM in old K.
> People who do not watch K and didn't know anything about GP and HT
> were impressed by the beautiful couple, and commmented that HT is
> handsome and G is very pretty and beautiful.
> HT was wearing a beige kurta, G wore pink sari, with a necklace
> what she wore when she trips on a carpet before going to a party in
> old K).
> I don't have a woman's eye for little nothings, but felt that
> they are too comfortable with each other or its more than
> OK continuing on my report on Garba function with P&G.....

I think they came around 11pm, with a security ring (:-)) of security
personnel and organizers, and HT was holding GP's hand. Everybody
stopped doing Garaba. They moved in a circle in the gym, waving to
people and smiling. HT looked more comfortable with the crowd then
GP, smiling freely and perhaps was enjoing the attention they were
getting. GP smiled but not as much as HT, and perhaps initially was
not too comfortable in moving around in the crowd.

Then they were taken to a small stage at the end of the gym where
they stood along with the singers/band. Lot of people had gathered
around the stage. They were presented with flowers. HT was smiling
and making gestures like Bush :-), holding some kids etc. Both of
them started throwing flowers into the crowd. Both were giving
autographs. GP was more into signing autographs and HT was trying to
connect with the crowd. This continued for a while. The organizers
were trying to restart the garaba, but the crowd wouldn't listen.
People were more interested in looking at them and getting autographs
from them, then doing garaba. The crowd briefly chanted "Gauri,
Gauri" for a while. Sorry HT fans, no chanting for him :-) Finally,
HT mad a request in Gujarati, "tamari jode garaba ramava avu chhu" or
something close like that. GP made a request too in English.
Eventually, Garaba started, both remained on the stage, waving,
smiling, and signing autographs. After a while they went out for some
time and came back to perform Aarti. They did Aarti along with many
others, went back on stage, did the same thing - waving, and signing
autographs. GP must have signed more autographs then HT! HT to khade
khade hi dandiya khel raha tha! They wisely didn't do any garaba
with the crowd. I think it could have created a havoc there if they
did that. I think they left the place around 1:30 AM.

HT surely looked more outgoing then GP. GP looked little tired also
especially when they came back for Aarti.

Unfortunately for me, I was not able to get their autographs, though
tried couple of times. I am not young enough to appear crazy for such
things, so didn't try desperately :-). Tried to offer $10 to a young
guy for a paper with GP's autograpgh, but he refused to sell :-)
Obviously, didn't speak with either one of them although was 6 ft
away from them for quite some time.

Overall paisa vasul! Can't expect more than this for $8.00, right ?


This one belongs to  "tosha1129. (Thanks a ton)



hi guys, those of u live in US probably know HIten and gauri were
suppose to come to Garba in NJ. well , they did yesterday and i met
them. Hiten is such a sweetheart. He is so cute. i got to shake hands
with him and he said hello to me..he was soooo sweet. and then Guess
wht? I even got to do Dandia with him. Can u believe it? And he
probably knows us by now, because me and my cousins were like around
him every five minutes, and later on he started waving to us by
himself...we didnt even wave, and he would start waving...we were
like wow...this is soo cool. and i even got his autograph and a
flower he threw. And we even talked to him. Hes great guy....doesnt
even act like hes a celebrity.

This one Belongs to "raval26(Thanks a ton)



oh my god!!!! I saw Kkusum(Nausheen) on Friday in NJ at Navratri..
She was soo pretty adn sweet.She was just wonderful... And on
Saturday I saw Pratham and Gauri.... Wow  they were just soo great..
they looked soo good together. Gauri looked soo pretty in her pink
saree and Pratham(Hiten) looked great in his Kurta Pajama. They
seemed soo nice.  They threw flowers into the audience and tried to
do garba with the people. It was really good. Im soo happy that I got
to meet them!!!!