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Kabhi Sutan Kabhi Sahali.



Introduction to Kabhi Sutan Kabhi Sahali.
Tanushree and Sonia are best friends who come from radically different families. They have grown up with totally different values, but share a bond of love and sharing.

Tanushree's parents are conservative and shelter her from the realities of the outside world. Sonia is her only link to the real world.

However, Sonia's father, Vikram Khanna, gets his daughter equipped to deal with even the nastiest shocks in life.

Kabhii Sauten Kabhii Sahelii is about how Tanushree and Sonia get married to the same man - Harsh Bhatia. Once the secret is out in the open, the two women decide to throw in their might behind each other and avenge the deceit they have been subjected to.



Check out Hiten as Praveen in Kabhi Sutan Kabhi Sahali.



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