Romeo & Juliet Play


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Programs from Period: 3


Act 2: Period 3


Class Director: Chanel A.


Romeo: Marcus L.

Benvolio :  Donell K.

Mercutio. :SeanS,


Director of scene 2 : Kristyn B.

Romeo  1 : Biagio M.

Juliet 1: Jessica A.

Romeo 2: Jerod W.

Juliet 2 : Kristina C.


Director of  scene 3 : Jon M.

Friar Laurence : Will M.

Romeo. : Ryan M.


Director of scene 4: Patrina J.

Mercutio : Zach L.

Benvolio: Robert M.

Romeo: Frank S.

Nurse: Erica F.


Director of scene 5-6: Sarah A.

Juliet: Christie C.

Nurse : Noreen D.


Friar Laurence : Jeff S.

Romeo :Tom M.

Juliet: Noreen D.


Production Crew:

Stage Manager: Jason B.

Running Crew: Sean S.

Production Coordinator: .Jason B.

Set Designer: Jason B.

Property Master.:  Jeff S.

Property Crew: Jerod W.

Lighting Crew : Marcus L.

Costume Head : Jessica A.

Make-up Head: Kristina C.


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