Romeo & Juliet Play


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Class Director: Jennifer D.


~Act Scene I & II~

Director: Quannza H.

Romeo: Aaron S.

Friar Joni: Jennifer P.

Friar Laurence: John R.

Balthisar: Shayla M.

Pharmacists- Jessica R


Scene 3

Directors: Nadine A. and Katherine M.

Paris: P.J C.

Romeo: Brandon P.

Juliet: Joni T.

Capulet: Josh C.

Lady Capulet: Shyesha W.

Montague- Ryan R.

Balthisar- Jessica L.

Watch- Kayla K.

Prince Escalus- Samuel J.

Page- Jessical R.

~Crew Members~

Stage Manager: Ana M.

Costume Designer: Kayla K.

Running Crew: Melanie M. and Raphael M.

Production Crew: Jennifer R.

Set Designer: Logan K.


Alternate Set Designer: Kristen G.

Props Master: Raphael M.

Property Crew: Melanie M.

Lighting: Ryan R.

Costume Crew: Syesha W.

Makeup Head: Jess R.

Alternate Lighting Crew Assistant: Nicole B

Director of Audience Development- Nicole B



Female Understudy: Kristen G

Female Understudy: Jasmine A

Male Understudy: Josh C







  Official Boss: Cecilia M.




This has been a Team 8 White, Period 8 Production.

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