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Sonys daily soap Kutumb. has undergone a complete metamorphosis from August 14 and is having a new storyline. The two lead roles, however, continue to be played by Gauri Pradhan and Hiten Tejwani. The new Kutumb is another start. Another family. Another man and woman who fall in love. Kutumb according to its makers is a series of various man-woman stories that stand for separate sets of different ideologies. Sunil Lulla, Executive Vice President, Sony Entertainment Television, said, Kutumb in its earlier avatar has been greatly enjoyed by our viewers across the region. With over 10 million people watching it, the show has seen tremendous popularity amongst male and female audiences alike. Sony has a strong franchise in the 2100-2000 time band and it is our endeavour to constantly strengthen the same and provide wholesome and engrossing family entertainment to our viewers. This is reflected in the new Kutumb-its hot, its fresh, and its on Sony! Commenting on the format innovation, Ekta Kapoor, Creative Director, Balaji Telefilms said, Kutumb, Gauri and Pratham have been extremely popular with viewers but we wanted to do something more. This new format innovation on Kutumb seemed an interesting innovation to take the show forward as opposed to continuing the same story with Gauri and Pratham. Watch the surprising all-new storyline in Kutumb!


The new Kutumb storyline continues to have Pratham and Gauri as the lead characters, although their characterization undergoes a metamorphosis. In its new form, it is the story of the Mann family - a name that commands tremendous respect in society.

Pratham, the son of business tycoon Aditya Mann, is one of the most sought after guys in town. Girls find him irresistible. But Pratham does not believe in the concept of love. He has never committed himself to a girl and to him a relationship is impermanent, simply flirtatious and superfluous?until he meets Gauri, a girl who is not blessed with affluence in terms of wealth, but has mastered the art of living life with its inherent diversities with a smile on her face.

Pratham meets Gauri and the magical metamorphosis starts happening in his life. She is not the type of girl that Pratham would ever dream of being associated with in any form, nor is he the kind with whom Gauri could have anything in common, but destiny plays its hand. And they discover an irresistible connection with each other. Pratham finds himself magnetically attracted to Gauri. Gauri too feels a reciprocal attraction towards Pratham. But how long will this last? Will Gauri be able to change Pratham's attitude towards life? Or will she accept Pratham the way he is? Watch Kutumb to find out!


Hiten Tejwani and Gauri Pradhan
in the New Kutumb.

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