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What is Noorjhan all about??

Epic tale 
When it comes to TV serials and creating hype about it,
there's none to beat Cinevista Communications' Noorjahan.
It's been in the pipeline for a long long time now - the
serial was announced four years ago. Then another party
happened a year ago to announce that it was on the floors.
Recently, the do at Casbah, at Kala Ghoda, was to make a
song and dance about it being finally ready. Next, they'll
probably throw another party to announce that it's finally
coming on air. But we've got to admit this, quite a lot of
work has gone into mounting this epic and it's showing all
over it. Based on Jyoti Jafa's book of the same title, the
serial is shot is Jaisalmer, Jodhpur, Nishat Bagh, Dal Lake,
Gulamrg and Agra, besides a 20,000 sq feet specially
constructed set in Film City. The serial's music is composed
by Talat Aziz and will be compiled into an album.
Negotiations are presently on for a slot on BBC. As for the
party, the turnout was big, including Milind Soman,
Parikshit Sahani, Prem Chopra..., singer Shomshukla in a new
look with hair gelled back and Gauri Pradhanwho makes her

telly debut in the title role of this epic.


Gauri Pradhan as Noorajhan
Pictures of Gauri Pradhan as Noorjhan

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