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Café Mecca Mission Statement

Café Mecca is a class project which asks a five-member student team to maintain for the period of one month a class café. Students will manage the café including ordering items, balancing expenses, promoting the café and creating a monthly café newsletter and webpage. The purpose of the café is two-fold. It is an interdisciplinary effort which offers students the opportunity to complete a job application process including an interview, manage a mini-business, and begin developing marketing and promotional strategies. Second, the café will help our class to promote an environment comfortable for readers and writers and celebrate writing by offering incentives such as writing contests. Job Descriptions

Manager (One)

As the manager of the café, it is your responsibility to oversee everything which is happening during your month. You are in charge of making sure all cafers are completing their jobs as described. It is especially important they are meeting all deadlines. You are also responsible each week to count that weeks earnings, complete the expense sheet and complete the order form if it is an order week. You must also complete the suggestion sheet at the end of the month along with your team and see that the webpage and newsletter are published.

Promoters (Two)

As a part of the promotions for Café Mecca, it is your job to create and maintain interest in the café. You must also find ways to use the cafe to create an environment conducive for writers and readers and well as celebrate other arts such as visual art and music. You will create and promote contests and special events which help your month to be an exciting one for the class as well as the team.

Reporters (Two)

You are responsible for reporting what happened in your months café management as well as creating an original newsletter and webpage which celebrate the café environment and promote class and team writers. The newsletter and webpage should report on your month including all promotions as well as give students an opportunity to express their own creativity.

Cafers (five per class)

Your job at the start of class each day is to see that the café is fully prepared for business. Then you must sell any items to customers, keep an accurate tally of items sold, and maintain the cash drawer. At the end of the day you must clean up both the café area and classroom. IMPORTANT: On your work-day, you must be either writing or reading in between sales. Though you will not be expected to accomplish as much on a work-day, it is by no means a free-period

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