1st Anniversary Contest!



CONTEST!!!!!!! | Contest Offical Form

Objective: Is to Write a letter (It Can be as long as you want but it can't be 3 sentences)to your Favorite Hindi Star and Include in why are you a Fan of them, What is your Favorite Movie, ETC,ETC. Please be Specfic as Possible. I would really like all the members to Participate. This Contest Idea goes to Angel for recommending it Thanks.

Now for the Prizes---
I Know many of you like to win something or other. You don't want like Founder of the day or FOTM so My Friend Came over Yesterday and She Gave me a K3G Mini Poster. I was going to Buy Haan..Maine Bhi Pyar Kiya Hai Poster but it's to late so Your Prize will be a K3G Mini Poster. There Can only be 1 Winner. The Winner's Name and Entry will be Posted on the Site & Other Members Entries will be posted also.
I am also Going to Participate and Give you a Sample and My Views on My Favorite Hindi Star. I want everyone to Participate. I also want you Guys to Suggest Contest Ideas. Please Don't Suggest DVDs and VCDs ideas cause I can't afford it. If this one is Sucessful more will be in the Future. Even though everyone will have Different Star I will Choose the Best one which Includes the Requirements!
Read For the Requirements & Rules---
1. You MUST Be a Member of the Hindi Stars Club to Participate!
If not Join here http://clubs.yahoo.com/clubs/thehindistarsclub
2. You Must have at least 2 Paragraphs. There can be more than 2.
3. You must be Very SPECFIC.
4. Please include 1 Entry. No more than one entry or you will be disqualfied.\
5. You MUST Fill out the Offical Contest form(will be posted in an e-mail soon)
6. Last Not Least, I Will NOT Pay the Postage and Please include your Full address.
Have Fun and Happy Anniversary to the Hindi Stars club who has over 130 Members. Thanks for all your Support.'


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